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Role Description – Board Member


London TravelWatch[1] was set up as a separate legal body under the Greater London Authority Act 1999 and receives almost all its funding from the London Assembly, to which it is accountable.

London TravelWatch works closely with the Assembly’s Transport Committee in representing the travelling public and pressing for improvements in transport across London. Working in partnership with Transport Focus, the national transport users’ watchdog, London TravelWatch uses evidence-based research to press for change and improvements across all types of transport.

The Chair leads the Board of six members.

Job purpose

 Under the Chair’s leadership, you will help drive London TravelWatch’s response to major transport challenges, and develop its role as the capital’s foremost  transport user champion, representing the interests of all of London’s travelling public.


  1. To help set the organisation’s strategic objectives and priorities; and to oversee the performance of the executive in implementing these.
  2. To represent the interests of users of transport within London.
  3. To oversee, and contribute to, the London TravelWatch work in the following areas:
    • campaigning for improvement to transport services
    • protecting the interests of all users, especially those who are vulnerable or whose needs are overlooked
    • developing strategy to reflect the needs of transport users
    • demanding high transport standards and helping to share best practice
    • acting as an appeals body for users dissatisfied with the handling of a complaint made to a transport operator
  1. To help drive London TravelWatch work in developing partnerships with other organisations.
  2. To communicate with others to set standards and improve the accessibility of public transport, especially for people who are mobility impaired.


  •  Members are expected to be well informed (reading documents from a variety of sources), to respond to internal and key external consultation processes, be able to work on-line and to keep up-to-date through periodic training including attendance at seminars/conferences.
  • In line with guidance on the role of those in public positions, members are expected to demonstrate selflessness, integrity, objectivity, accountability, openness, honesty and leadership.

[1] Operating name of the London Transport Users Committee (LTUC)