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Summary Terms and Conditions

Corporate responsibility

The Board has corporate responsibility for ensuring that London TravelWatch fulfils its statutory duties and for promoting the efficient and effective use of staff and other resources and for demonstrating high standards of corporate governance at all times.

Conflicts of interests – restrictions on appointment

Board members are required to maintain independence from Transport operators or funders of transport services and as such applications cannot be considered from employees or appointees of relevant organisations. Likewise, were an existing board member to be appointed / elected / employed as such, the appointment to the London TravelWatch board would be immediately terminated. Restrictions apply as follows:

  • election to the House of Commons, the London Assembly or the European Parliament;
  • appointment as a member of Transport for London, Network Rail, the Office of Rail and Road, or any transport company operating in the London TravelWatch area+;
  • has been appointed a member of staff of Transport for London, the Rail Delivery Group or for any train or bus company or licenced taxi or private hire company operating in (or likely to operate in) the London TravelWatch area
  • has been appointed a member of staff of the Greater London Authority, the Department for Transport, Network Rail or the Office of Rail and Road;

+ Appointment to a panel or sub-committee of these organisations would not necessarily preclude continued membership of London TravelWatch depending on the nature of the role.


Annual remuneration of £4,791 a year is payable for commitment of an average of two days a month. The appointment is as an office holder and the appointee is not an employee of London TravelWatch nor of the London Assembly. The position of board member of London TravelWatch is not pensionable.

Ending the appointment

The appointment is subject to immediate termination before the end of the fixed term if the appointee:

  • has become bankrupt or has made an arrangement with their creditors;
  • is incapacitated by mental or physical illness;
  • is disbarred from holding directorships of a company as a result of a court judgement;
  • moves outside of the area covered by London TravelWatch
  • brings the organisation into disrepute
  • fails to attend three consecutive meetings without the prior agreement of the chair

Declaration of interests on appointment

It is important that board members do not have financial or other interests which might prejudice their performance or cause conflicts of interest. Appointees will be asked to declare any directorships or other offices held together with the names of any companies in which they hold any shareholdings or other beneficial interests. Likewise, clearance should be sought before taking on any additional offices or appointment.


All appointments are subject to a six- month probationary period and to annual appraisal by the chair. Board members are also expected to abide by the guidance on ethical and propriety issues.

September 2021