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About Us

Aequus Group is made up of Aequus Group Holdings Ltd (Holding Company), Aequus Developments Ltd (Management of Private Rental Properties) and Aequus Construction Ltd (Housing Developers). Aequus Group is wholly owned by Bath &. North East Somerset (B&NES). The Council set objectives for the company place a strong emphasis on delivering at least policy compliant affordable housing and low energy homes to meet the local housing need. Overlaying this is a requirement to generate development profits that will be returned to the Council as dividends to support funding front line services.

Aequus Group (AGHL, ACL & ADL) is a small organisation that currently consists of 11 employees and 7 non-executive directors. The governance of Aequus Group is overseen by a Shareholder (B&NES) appointed Board of Directors which currently consists of up to 3 Executive Directors, a Non-Executive Chairman and 6 Non-Executive Directors.

Aequus and its associated companies was set up in 2016 to develop, deliver, own and manage property for both the rental and homeowner’s market.

We operate in a commercially creative and innovative manner to increase housing stock for tenants and homeowners, meeting local housing needs and supporting the council in repurposing its surplus commercial and corporate estate.

As well as supporting the council with climate and ecological emergency objectives; and best practice for residential development, we also support with delivering social housing on land owned and acquired by the council and act as a responsible Landlord, ensuring properties are maintained to a good standard.

This year we were proud to be shortlisted at the MJ Achievement Awards 2023 for the Best Social Housing Initiative for our 117 Newbridge Hill project, redeveloping the ex-B&NES council building into 7 social rented apartments.

The objectives for the company are to:

  • Generate revenue income and maximise revenues for the Council.
  • Deliver approved property developments.
  • Acquire and sell private market property.
  • Hold, manage and operate high quality private lettings.
  • Be fully policy compliant in terms of Affordable Housing.
  • Support the Council’s ambition to help create an ongoing supply of modern energy efficient and sustainable homes.
  • Stimulate and accelerate property and development delivery for the Council.
  • Improve supply, quality, and quantity of private rented housing.
  • Act as a responsible and equitable landlord.
  • Deliver long term capital appreciation.
  • Support the Council’s strategic vision and objectives.

These objectives recognise the potential Financial, Housing Supply, Affordable Housing provision, Sustainability and Market Differentiation and are agreed with B&NES.