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We are seeking individuals to join our board who have a passion and a strong commitment to the vision, mission, and aims of The Robertson Trust. We are looking to increase the diversity around our Board table and are keen to hear from people who bring their own distinct perspectives from different cultural or ethnic backgrounds and life experiences that will enrich our Board discussions.

We are looking for experience (lived or professional) in one of the following areas: working with people or places experiencing poverty and trauma in Scotland; equity, diversity, participation and rights, especially in advancing racial justice; social impact investment; rural development in Scotland; and corporate governance, business or finance.

Personal Qualities of Board Members:

  • Strategic vision (i.e. seeing the bigger picture and making links and connections to spot opportunities or avoid problems) to help us deliver on our objectives;
  • A demonstrable commitment to equity, diversity, participation and rights;
  • Creativity to consider and apply different approaches to challenges the Trust may face;
  • Confidence in your in your ability to make clear decisions and a willingness to speak out and deal positively with challenges by being constructive, collaborative and resilient;
  • Strong communications skills: to engage effectively with staff and diverse stakeholders;
  • Good listening skills, open to others’ views and welcomes feedback on own contribution.