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About Us

The Robertson Trust’s mission is to fund, support and champion those building solutions to poverty and trauma in Scotland. This is in service of our vision – a fair and compassionate Scotland where everyone is valued and able to flourish.

In 2020, we launched a 10-year strategy to reduce the impacts of poverty and trauma – two of the most significant challenges faced in Scotland today – and to build long-term solutions by funding, supporting and influencing change that lasts. To do this, we must invest our resources in a way that not only delivers direct impact in the here-and-now but also works upstream to prevent hardship and harm.

Last year, we marked our 60th Anniversary since being established by the three Robertson sisters, pioneering women of business and philanthropy. You can read our story and watch the film marking this Anniversary.

Our latest Annual Review can be viewed here – and we invite you to take a look at some examples of the valuable work we have funded recently including SAY Women,The Cottage Family Centre and our Financial Security programme awards.

The Trust is a majority shareholder in The Edrington Group. Our income flows from a dividend on the company’s operating profits and a growing set of pooled investments. This enables us to commit an average of £25M charitable expenditure per year by 2025. A new Social Impact Investment (SII) plan was approved earlier this year to bring a further set of tools and resources into play to help achieve our mission. The SII plan will enable the Trust to commit up to £20M further for this purpose.

Our values of Ambition, Connection and Integrity are the compass points we use to shape our contribution around four primary themes:

  • Financial Security
  • Work Pathways
  • Education Pathways
  • Emotional Wellbeing & Relationships.

We are building our know-how on issues of power and justice across our work. We seek to build solutions that meet two cross-cutting objectives on climate change and our Diversity, Equity, Inclusion (DEI) approach which we call EDPR (Equity, Diversity, Participation and Rights), especially advancing racial justice. We have committed to a whole organisational approach to active learning on anti-racism and allyship, becoming trauma-informed and advancing meaningful participation of people with lived experience.