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About Us

The Nuffield Family Justice Observatory improves the lives of children and families by putting data and research evidence at the heart of the family justice system. Nuffield FJO is fully funded and hosted by the Nuffield Foundation, an independent grant giving organisation.

Established 5 years ago, the Nuffield Family Justice Observatory has already had an impact on policy and practice within the family justice system. Its research reports, events and bulletins are regularly accessed by hundreds of judges, lawyers and social workers every year.

In our first five years we have:

The focus of our work is set out in an ambitious strategy and its progress is recorded in our annual impact report.

In the next five years we are looking to increase our focus on catalysing changes in practice, working collaboratively across the system. We are therefore seeking new advice and expertise for our Board.

The Nuffield FJO Board is not a legal entity and the ultimate responsibility for the Nuffield FJO rests with the Trustee Board of the Nuffield Foundation.  Nevertheless, the Nuffield FJO Board plays an important role, advising the Nuffield FJO on its strategy and supporting its development.

The Board regularly takes stock of progress against the goals of the organisation’s 5-year strategy and supports the Nuffield FJO team by scanning the horizon and reflecting on the context in which Nuffield FJO is operating to ensure that it is well positioned to make change happen and is anticipating the opportunities and threats lie ahead.  Although funding for the Nuffield FJO is currently secure, the Board will also be expected to consider the long-term sustainability of the organisation. In between board meetings board members may be asked to troubleshoot key challenges, provide professional insights and help to expand Nuffield FJO’s reach and influence.

The Nuffield FJO Board is strongly committed to ensuring that the experiences of children and families are better understood and more visible within the family justice system. The Board has a commitment to equality and diversity underpinning all its work, recognising that different forms of inequalities combine to affect children and families in the family justice system and that Nuffield FJO’s work needs to illuminate and address these inequalities.

The Board is chaired by Jenny Beck KC (Hon), who took on the role of Chair in January 2024, following the retirement of Sir James Munby. Further information on the current Board members and Nuffield FJO team can be found here.

Further information can be found on our website: www.nuffieldfjo.org.uk