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Dear Candidate,

I hope that if you are reading this it is because you are interested in becoming the CEO of the Churches Conservation Trust.

This is a national charity that probably flies below the radar of a lot of people unless they happen to be passionately interested in old churches – which I most definitely am. But the CCT, which looks after over 350 redundant Church of England buildings, is about more than architectural history. True, we are required to keep these churches in good repair and so somebody who has a broad understanding of what is involved in high quality heritage conservation would find plenty to interest them. But we are also deeply committed to finding ways of bringing as many as possible of these buildings – not just those in the current portfolio but others that are in danger of becoming redundant in the future – back into some sort of community use. And if we can do that, then once again these wonderful buildings will be able to fulfil the role that the English parish church has held for centuries as the centre of a vibrant local community, providing material as well as spiritual support, to everybody, whether they are regular churchgoers or not.

What all that means is that we are looking for somebody with the creativity, imagination and strategic abilities not just to ensure that the CCT is well led and runs like clockwork but to deliver our ambitious objectives. And they would do this by providing inspiring leadership to our committed team so that the organisation can reach out to communities that have an at risk church in their midst, can help create bodies of support where often none currently exists and can develop new ideas for breathing life into these fantastic but often underappreciated heritage buildings.

Our departing CEO has worked for the CCT for many years and both he and I would be more than happy to talk to anybody whose interest we have provoked. This may perhaps sound an unusual leadership role but for the right individual I can promise it will be intellectually challenging, thought provoking and ultimately hugely satisfying. And the successful applicant will ultimately have the huge satisfaction of knowing that they have helped make a real contribution to community regeneration across the whole of England.

Kind regards,

Liz Peace,
Chair of the Churches Conservation Trust