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Thank you for your interest in the role of Digital Delivery Director for NHS Blood and Transplant (‘NHSBT’). A critical role in a unique organisation.

Since joining NHSBT 3 years ago, I have been truly in awe of the work our people do every day. To work for an organisation whose mission is to save and improve lives, and to have the opportunity to see the impact that our work has on donors, patients and their families is a genuine privilege and I hope this is a key motivator for you considering a career here at NHSBT.

We have an exciting journey ahead too. Digital, data and technology have a critical role to play in delivering our strategy. We design and deliver consumer facing digital services that are used by our donors and partners in hospitals, we deliver complex algorithms that enable organ matching and critical systems that drive our supply chain operations, and we provide all the corporate technologies that support the running of our organisation.

In the last few years we have driven significant improvements in how we deliver these services – setting up Product Centres to work collaboratively and iteratively to deliver more value to the organisation. We have built service design and user research capability to embed human-centred design principles and practices, and we have delivered much in our ambition to digitise, modernise and automate.

But there is much more to do. Transforming our services and driving innovation to deliver more value for the NHS, helping to develop ground-breaking new services – such as the work we are doing in Plasma and genomics – and driving more value from data are key to our plans over the next few years.

With hugely exciting digital, data and technology transformation opportunities ahead, you’ll also be joining a company that is committed to ensuring a strong, positive and inclusive culture. Personally, the work we are doing to tackle health inequalities – where every patient gets the donation they need, is incredibly inspiring. And the work to continue to create an inclusive culture that enables each of us to be at our best, is one of the big reasons why I love working here.

What we do as here at NHSBT really matters and I can say wholeheartedly that colleagues here at NHSBT turn up every day with such passion and dedication for what we do. If playing a leadership role in delivering transformation in a purpose driven organisation at the heart of the NHS appeals to you, NHSBT might just be the place for you. Thank you for your interest – I really look forward to hearing from you.

Rebecca Tinker

Chief Digital and Information Officer