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Role Description – Chief Executive Officer

This is an exciting, multi-faceted, complex role that requires a keen understanding of at least two of the following elements: fundraising, policy influence, and service development and delivery. Core components of the position include:


To provide strategic and day-to-day leadership of Crisis on behalf of the Board of Trustees, to ensure the successful delivery of Crisis’ Strategic Plan.

Manage and lead the Senior Management Team and the whole staff team to ensure colleagues are valued, listened to, empowered and engaged to deliver our ambitious mission. In particular, ensure that Crisis prioritises staff wellbeing as the foundation for delivering our plans.


To ensure the values of the charity are upheld and role-modelled throughout every aspect of the organisation, placing the involvement of and co-production with people with lived experience of homelessness right at the heart of the organisation.

Ensure that Crisis is a truly diverse organisation, addressing the discrimination and inequality that causes homelessness, being representative of the communities in which we work, and ensuring that every member of staff has a positive experience of working for Crisis where they are able to flourish as individuals and as part of a supportive and inclusive team.


Be a national ambassador and convenor in England, Scotland and Wales for Crisis, for people experiencing homelessness, and for ending homelessness; representing Crisis with the UK, Scottish and Welsh Governments and opposition parties, local and regional decision-makers and opinion formers, politicians and government officials, the media. Influence policy on homelessness and housing and all drivers of poverty and inequality that impact, cause and perpetuate homelessness.

Ensure strong and effective relationships with the widest range of Crisis members, allies, partners and collaborators, including investee enterprises, grantee organisations, academic institutions and organisations across the homelessness and housing sector and the wider charity sector.


To support the Chair and the Board to ensure they fulfil their responsibilities and duties effectively that Crisis achieves its charitable aims. Ensure the Board receives timely advice, recommendations and information in order to deliver the organisation’s strategy.

Take accountability and ensure accountability and responsibility throughout the organisation for the delivery of the impact and culture required to end homelessness.

Ensure that the organisation has the right management systems and structures in place to carry out its work effectively, accountably and safely, and that professional and regulatory standards are met.


Deliver the short, medium and long term financial and resources strategy needed to support the charity’s mission; striking the right balance between securing the financial health of the organisation with the entrepreneurship and risk needed to advance the charity and its cause.

Ensure a strong income generation and resource mobilisation programme to support the work of the charity, with a strong fundraising environment throughout the organisation. Continue to both grow and diversify income and build strong relationships with new and existing Crisis supporters – whether individuals, companies, trusts, foundations or statutory bodies. Ensure that Crisis remains at the leading edge of fundraising in an increasingly digital world and across demographics.