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About Us

Crisis is the national charity for people facing homelessness. Our mission is ‘Together we will end homelessness’ and this is reflected in the full range of our work. In 2018 we published the plan, ‘Everybody In: How to end homelessness in Great Britain’ and as an organisation believe that homelessness is not inevitable and can and will be ended.

Our activities are all about ending homelessness, whether through direct services from 11 locations throughout Britain which ended homelessness for more than 3500 people in the last 12 months; our local and regional partnerships and grant funding; our research; our understanding of and dissemination of the best practice; our investments in 3rd party organisations committed to ending homelessness; our leading-edge policy influencing and development work with the governments in England, Scotland and Wales; the work to embed homelessness prevention in the health system led by our subsidiary Pathway the health and homelessness charity; or the iconic Crisis at Christmas program which supports thousands of people and engages thousands of volunteers each year.

The charity has grown rapidly in terms of both scale and impact over recent years and is planning for a turnover of £70m in the coming year. Our aim is to be no longer required when homelessness is ended, and this is beginning to look possible in some parts of Britain, but we know that we are going to be needed for many years to come until some of the key policies that cause and perpetuate homelessness are addressed. With rapid growth comes challenges and opportunities and we are working hard to ensure the fabric of workplaces, ways of working, use of data, digital and technology are all up to the task for an ambitious organisation, and ensuring we invest in the resource mobilisation, fundraising and enterprise to support the achievement of our goals.

In word, spirit and deed, Crisis is a values-led organisation, bringing together staff, volunteers, our members, and many partners and allies around 6 values:

  • Inspiration
  • Integrity through knowledge
  • Dignity
  • Fearlessness through Independence
  • Adaptability
  • Resolve to end homelessness

We are part way through the delivery of our 2018 to 2023 Strategic Plan, and now in the very early stages of developing our next Strategic Plan. Our vision is for an ambitious plan to make ending homelessness inevitable in Britain, and the delivery of our current plan is an important step in that direction. The organisation is committed to putting the lived experience of homelessness at the very heart of all that we do, and has made great progress in this area in recent years, but there is much more to do to move from a range of great projects that involve our members to really hard-wiring lived experience in the fabric of the organisation. To this end, we worked very closely with our Experts by Experience panel to create our current Strategic Plan, and the Board of Trustees recently agreed unanimously to reserve a place on the Board for a nominee from the Experts by Experience panel.

Similarly, the organisation is making more progress on diversity and inclusion, with three clear objectives for ensuring we represent the communities we work with and for, that all staff colleagues have the same high level and positive experience of working for Crisis, and more broadly addressing the discrimination and inequality that cause and perpetuate homelessness.

The ongoing impact of the global coronavirus pandemic will continue to impact Crisis in many ways for a long time to come. The demand for our services, the policy environment, and the economic fall-out will be with us for years in some unpredictable ways. How we work changed fundamentally in 2020 and we continue to shape what will work for staff, members and volunteers alike in the future. Our new Chief Executive will need to recognise this personally and support the staff team through the changes to come. Visibility and relationships remain fundamental, but wellbeing, person-centred management, and the use of effective technology to support different ways of working have clearly come to the fore and accelerated change that was already progressing but will now be essential.

The Chief Executive role is based in our London headquarters, but with extensive travel and flexibility. It is anticipated that the Chief Executive will be ready, willing and able to work through the Christmas period.

The salary for the role is £135,000