About Us

Why do we exist?

The CAA is the UK’s civil aviation regulator. Recognised as a world leader in our field, we are at the cutting edge of the exciting and ever-changing aviation environment. Never standing still, our work includes diverse activities such as:

  • To help deliver high standards of safety, security and consumer protection for the benefit of consumers and the public
  • To uphold consumer choice, value and fair treatment
  • To enhance vibrant, competitive and innovative aviation and aerospace sectors
  • To share with and learn from others, working with partners to ensure our regulatory expertise is used to improve standards and innovation worldwide and build the UK’s global influence
  • To cultivate an agile, diverse, high-performing and values based organisation that is greater than the sum of its parts and committed to continually improving our services
  • To support the sectors as they manage and reduce their negative environmental impacts, including emissions and noise

Thanks to the efforts of our organisation and our people, consumers have choice, value for money and protection when they fly. As part of our team, you could help us deliver this vision and be a part of something great. In return, you can expect to feel welcome, to have your voice heard, to be supported, developed, and rewarded for your contribution.

We are a public corporation, established by Parliament in 1972 as an independent specialist aviation regulator. The UK Government requires that our costs are fully covered by charges to those we provide a service to or regulate.

Our Values

Our people and their work

Safety & Airspace Regulation Group (SARG)

Drive UK civil aviation safety standards including overseeing aircraft, airlines, and air traffic controllers. Responsible for the planning and regulation of UK airspace.

Aviation Security

Play a crucial role in regulatory activity, supporting security policy, compliance monitoring and continuous improvement.

International Group & CAAI

Improve aviation standards globally, helping to develop partners’ people to help them lead the aviation world of tomorrow.

Strategy & Policy

CAA source of analysis and insight, oversight of corporate strategy and cross-organisational policy development.

Air Safety Support International (ASSI)

Air Safety Support International is a subsidiary company of CAA to help provide a system of civil aviation safety regulation in the UK Overseas Territories.

Consumer & Markets Group

Making sure the aviation market works to protect and benefit air passengers, regulating airports and air traffic services, airlines, and air holiday companies.

Shared Service Centre (SSC)

Provides a range of services that underpin the UK’s aviation safety framework including issuing pilot licences & certificates of airworthiness for aircraft.

Corporate Services

Teams include Finance, HR, Communications, Legal, Estates, Internal Compliance & Security, IT, and the UK Airprox Board.

Portfolio Delivery

Managing our change programme to transform the way we work.

The CAA’s regulation is required to keep pace with changes in this fast-moving industry and to do so within an interdependent, international network. This means making sure we identify the key risks facing consumers and the wider public and that we tackle these risks in a proportionate way. We also have an extensive programme to be more efficient: to modernise the way we manage and carry out our activities and the way we interact with the industry we regulate. We will be investing in new processes and systems. And we must make sure we have the right people with the right skills available, and that we motivate those people in a period of change.

Above all, we are committed to making sure that the interests of consumers and the public are at the heart of all that we do.